Mindfulness and Mental Health

Mindfulness is a word we run into almost everywhere these days.  Which is a good thing.  Because mindfulness practice has been linked to:

  •  an improved immune system,
  • lower blood pressure,
  • better sleep,
  • reduced stress and anxiety,
  • improved concentration and focus, and
  • less emotional reactivity.

These are all great reasons to learn mindfulness techniques. But to me, there is a stronger reason to learn mindfulness techniques:

In some Eastern languages, the word for mind and heart are the same.  So to be mindful is to be ‘heartful’ or compassionate.  To me, that is the power of mindfulness.  It allows us to experience compassion – towards ourselves and towards others – and through that compassion, become more relaxed, calm and happy.

So wherever you run into mindfulness, listen carefully.  It might just give you some important tools for happiness!

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